Marketing, Business and Sales Writing, and Web Design for Software Tech and B2B Businesses.

About the Writer and the Service

A writer who really understands technology is rare. A techie who really understands how business people think and who can also write well is just as uncommon. Put the two together and you have … the “Software Copywriter.” That’s me.

Don’s Qualifications at a Glance

  • don-headshot1Diverse and extensive writing experience. From technical documentation to social media content to web site copy to marketing copy for many software and B2B vendors – I can definitely handle all of your writing projects, from the smallest copy projects such as blog postings, to white papers and backgrounders that require independent research.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. 30+ years of experience. Time tested experience as a working IT and engineering professional.
  • A creator, a builder and a logical thinker, just like you and your team. I can communicate with and learn your product’s story directly from your architects, engineers and key technical people – in their language.  This means that I am…
  • Fast and easy to bring onto your project. Your business’s time investment in “onboarding” me on your project will be absolutely minimal.
  • Able to communicate to key players involved in software and IT product selection using the terminology they understand. Technically knowledgeable stakeholders like engineers and analysts want deep information about features and technical details. Executives and managers want to understand the business case for using your product. I’ll write for the audience that you want to sell to and convince to try your offering.

Why I Provide Copywriting and Marketing Services

I’m a lifelong hacker. I have always been fascinated by how things operate.

As a younger engineer I hacked things – computers, software and electronics. As a service provider today, I “hack” people, organizations, and the psychology of decision making … by studying the motivations of potential leads – decision makers in businesses – real people – and transforming them into prospects for my client’s products and services.

As my career wore on I became impatient with being trapped in the “things” silo of business. Meanwhile, I’ve always been a “words” person. Words, the expression of meaning, and the triggering of interest and desire through words has fascinated me.

I decided to change direction a few years ago to this exciting field… giving my clients the leverage that they need to stay in business and to succeed. 

The Geek Side of My Career (if you’re curious)

I started my career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering –  and a series of full time jobs working for companies such as Hewlett Packard and North American Phillips. Later, from 1993 through 2010 I worked as a “hired gun” independent software consultant to software vendors. I created several original software products on contract and provided key expertise to migrate legacy products to newer operating systems and platforms.

I’ve had a 30+ year career in hands-on IT and engineering. I’ve worked with customers on projects in a wide range of areas of business – including real estate sales and management, medical records, accounting, and IT services, just to name a few.

(If you’re curious, my most recent primary languages and tools were C++, Delphi, VB, and a plethora of third party and open source libraries and classes. Here is my programming resume. I’m not looking for a programming job, however.)

Since 2006, I’ve taken on copywriting projects for colleagues who own software product businesses. Since late 2010, I’ve been providing copywriting services as my primary focus.

Why Not Have a Technology Peer Help You Market Your Products?

If I work with you, I won’t waste your time by your having to explain to me elementary facts about IT and markets for products. I already have a baseline of knowledge that will let me ease quickly into helping you.

Tell me what you’re planning. I can help you succeed.

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