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Press Releases

A press release is a news story that is created about a product or service. The purpose of creating a press release is to create a news article that will be republished and distributed widely without the need to pay for placement of those stories.

Press Releases are a Special Marketing Challenge

Would you like to distribute a news story about your business or your product that will be republished widely? That’s exactly what a press release does for you.

But there’s a big catch. Unlike other kinds of marketing content, a press release must be constructed so that it reads just like a “real” news story.

This means that a press release should not contain language that sounds promotional or like advertising copy. Also, facts and attributions to real life sources of information must be used in order to support the the press release.

A “press release” that does not meet these minimal standards will not be published by magazines or web sites nor respected by readers. Your chances of re-publication are highest when the press release meets the accepted standard of a news story.

There are, however, ways to wrap your corporate viewpoint inside the press release so that your spokesperson’s words become a credible part of the story. I help with that when I produce press releases for my clients.

My goal in crafting your press release is to create a real piece of news that readers will find interesting and which any news outlet can legitimately consider publishing as real industry news.

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