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The Web Site: Your Fundamental Marketing Asset

Your web copy is your single most important marketing communications asset. This is because a business’s web site contains authoritative information about the business, its products, and the services that it provides.

Web Copy and Conversions

The purpose of every piece of marketing communications that you release to the world should be to help your business market and sell. That’s what your web site should do for your business.

What are Conversions?

Conversions are the conversion of online visitors into leads, which can be developed into customers. This is one of the primary jobs for many business web sites.

Even getting web visitors to fill out and submit a contact form or sign up for a mailing list is a positive achievement toward keeping your sales funnel filled.

How Do Conversions Happen?

Your site visitors who are qualified prospects enter their contact information into your site’s sign up form. For this to happen, your web site should provide effective content and structure so that those visitors stay engaged with your message and respond.

About Content Style

Content for a web site is a study in paradoxes. You need to create interest without boring visitors. You need to lower barriers for those with short attention spans – while providing depth of content for interested prospects to dig deeper.

Less is more in any marketing presentation. The initial impression that an online visitor receives must generally be simple, powerful, and able to be grasped in just a few seconds.

Some visitors will demand facts and further reading in depth. These are actually your future customers. You must have detailed information available to them when they are ready. Careful layering of the content of your web site is one solution to this challenge.

The Role of Web Site Layout

Physical layout of your web site is a big deal. Relatively small changes in arrangement of page elements can have a huge effect.

Your landing pages – the pages that new visitors see first – usually need to have big headlines, simple messages that appeal to your targets, and easy navigation.

Even smart, professional B2B prospects who are presumably looking for substance can be persuaded, or turned off, by subtle issues with the appearance and format of your site’s information.

Whomever you select to develop your web site copy, they should be knowledgeable about the latest findings in user behavior on web sites.

And your copywriter should be able to work with your web site designer in order to create a presentation that will engage visitors, and convert into new leads.

How I Will Help With Your Web Site Project

I will work closely with your web team or designer to create an effective, powerful marketing presentation that engages your visitors and convinces them that you have exactly what they need.

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