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Product Demos and Screencast Scripting

A screencast is a short video of your product’s operation. Screencasts are a hot area that many independent software vendors are exploiting as a new marketing technique that supplements or even replaces the traditional “test drive” or software application demonstration.

Transform Your Video Production Into a True Marketing Presentation that Engages, Interests, and Sells.

A screencast with a professionally scripted voice over will make your product and your business appear truly professional and high profile.

Here is the reality within which many smaller software vendors operate, however. Many screencasts that technology vendors produce are either silent with or without music accompaniment.

Or they are “ad libbed” and are narrated by the same operator who is running and using the program being shown in the video.

The resulting impression  that the video makes is either boring and sterile. Or it is a very off-the-cuff and incoherent presentation Рlacking a core message Рthat will seem either amateurish or hastily produced.

If you are going to the trouble to produce a screencast, make certain that it is worth the investment of time and effort.

The Words in Your Screencast Need a Marketing Writer’s Touch. Or Else They’re Just Boring, Off-Purpose Filler.

Allow me to script your next screencast video. I will produce a script that contains the spoken narration that actively promotes your product shown in the video.

Here’s an example of a video that I scripted for a client.

My script will contain elements of your product identity and will position the features of the software as customer benefits.

With a professionally developed script, your screencast becomes a spoken piece of marketing collateral, and it will give a professional, high level shine to your business image.

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