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Find Out How to Improve “Meh” Conversions. Or Identify Lead Generation Problems.


Are You Happy with your Inbound Leads?

You have one shot at convincing your web visitor to stick around and reach out to you. Unless your site tells your visitors what they want to read about, and quickly, they’re gone. Probably for good.

Your slick, elegant web site that makes use of all of the trendy web design buzzwords such as “standards compliant” and “responsive” won’t do a thing to engage your visitors after a quick look. You need content – words – to engage your visitors and keep them interested in your product.

Is Your Web Site Under-Performing for You?

The telltale signs:

  • Your bounce rate is relatively high.
  • You have few inbound leads. Few visitors are filling out your contact form or emailing you.
  • Few responses to your emails, letters or brochures.
Contact me, and let’s fix this together. I can help.

The $99 Consultation: Fast, Inexpensive Therapy for Your Conversion Woes

Before you plunge into a large financial commitment to revamp your sales materials, wouldn’t you like to test the waters first?

That’s the purpose of the $99 New Client Consultation. I will apply my years of experience as a writer and as an IT and business professional to reviewing your web site landing page, or your marketing piece. And then we will discuss where you can go from there to improve your conversions, your bounce rate, the number of prospects who inquire after reading your piece… or whatever you want to have happen that benefits your business.

Here’s How the New Client Consultation Works.

Here’s what will happen when you order your New Client consultation by prepaying with the order form.

  • You will have one full unpressured hour to pick my brains and ask me to assess any issues that I observe in your situation.
  • You can have me review anything you like. Your existing marketing copy, such as a web site, or a series of blogs. Just remember that your consultation is for one hour and the more material we cover, the less thorough we can be. I recommend keeping the focus on one major item of highest importance: one landing page, the home page of your site, a direct mail letter, or a content marketing article, for example.
  • Once you order the consultation, I’ll contact you by email to set an appointment (date and time) for the consultation phone call and to obtain the best phone number for a call. I will call you at my expense at exactly that date and time.
  • You should send me (by email) any links, ideas, or thoughts that you wish to discuss prior to our call.
  • Skype or “Plain Old Telephone” service is available. Your choice.
  • When I call: You will set the agenda for your call – you can drive the discussion topic and direction of your call. Just indicate how you want to spend the time during the call and I will work to keep the call on-track with your stated wishes.
  • I will begin reviewing your material, notes and links during your call. (I’m a quick study and I pick up concepts fast!)
  • I won’t “hold back” during the call. If I believe that a specific change to a headline, or a copy revision, or other change in your materials makes sense, and it’s possible to discuss it in the remaining time we have on the call, I’ll let you know, and I will give you that information.
  • This consultation package is limited to a phone call format, not email or other text based online chat. Consultation by email or a written report are not included. You may record the call if you wish. By talking in real time with you, I can offer the best quality consultation, find out more details about your unique situation, and avoid misinterpretation.
  • The consultation fee will apply to other service packages if you order within 30 days.
  • More extensive consultation packages are available. Generally, the next step after a basic consultation such as this service is to get to work on developing my client’s copy.
  • The legal stuff: If you show up for the call and we complete it, and you are not completely happy, I will refund your fee with no questions asked. If you are not available within 10 minutes of the time I call, and you made no attempt to reschedule the appointment, you may only apply the consultation fee to another higher priced service offering. If I fail to honor this phone appointment, I will refund in full, or reschedule, at your request.

How to Order the $99 New Client Consultation

Order right now via Paypal. Please use the text box above the Buy Now button to supply the best email address for me to contact to arrange your phone consultation.

If you’d rather send via Paypal manually, or if the form doesn’t work for you, the payment address is Please remit $99.00 (USD).