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repair1Reviews (also known as “Critiques”)

A review by a competent marketing professional such as a copywriter is an economical way to tune up your marketing copy. I offer reviews to help clients who already have a significant investment in their content.

Why Would You Pay for a Review?

The short answer: the free alternatives are really bad. As in: creating personal stress, unproductive, and returning information that is suspect or even just plain wrong.

  • “Crowdsourcing” your review via an online discussion forum or by social media lacks privacy that you may desire for business reasons, creates stress on your part, can invite unwanted negative public attention, and returns unqualified opinions from random, anonymous individuals.
  • “Friendsourcing” – asking for second opinions of your piece or your site – using colleagues and friends for review purposes – is also risky, but for a different reason. Your friends are never interested in taking risks with the personal relationship with you. Even if you really need to hear the truth. In short, friends will deliver “softballs” and will tend to give you an overly high impression of the quality of your work.

Do You Need an Experienced Second Set of Eyes to Look Over Your Copy Confidentially?

The only (somewhat) reliable use of crowdsourced or friendsourced reviews is to gain a quick overall third party impression of your work. Beyond that, you risk wearing out the ability of your “help” to see what needs to be corrected or improved (eventually, friends shut down on providing meaningful critiques.) Public reviews online also risk being insulted or criticized in public forums for sport or some random person’s twisted and hateful idea of fun. It can be seriously demotivating and can wreck your forward momentum.

Safe and Confidential Reviews – Where Can You Obtain One?

I offer a comprehensive and affordable review service that is perfect for the smaller technology firm. Reviews are quick, confidential and easy to set up. It’s called a  “Review” and not a “Critique” because the point is not simply to criticize your work – the point is to find opportunities for improvement and to recommend positive changes. What you’ll receive is a review of how your copy stacks up against key elements of all successful business web sites:

  • Initial Impression – How does your site read and look at a glance? Do visitors “get” your offer or your premise for your product after a brief reading? What about visual clutter, poor headlines, confusing visual flow, and other physical or stylistic problems that can handicap your work?
  • The presence of compelling benefits for the customer
  • Engagement: will your target segment be interested enough to stay in your site and read more?
  • Fit to your Target Audience: the copy should speak to the visitor’s unique needs, culture, priorities, and the subject matter that they know. (Failure here means that your visitors become confused, bored, or even alienated – or they simply do not take your solution seriously)
  • Quality and value of the content. In short, are you providing information that a properly motivated target visitor is likely to consider valuable?
  • The writing style, including style consistency, grammar, spelling, and jargon usage, and overly technical terminology that adversely affects readability.
  • Layout and physical positioning of copy elements: this aspect has a huge impact on the conversions that you will see as a result of web based marketing copy. In print, layout and headline arrangement can elevate or kill your offer, depending upon the effectiveness of the design.
  • Overall review and opinion of your offer

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