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Brochures and Printed Advertising Materials

Many prospects want to “see something” before they even bother to visit your web site. Give them “that something” – with expertly written printed materials. Tri-fold brochures, one sheets, and more.

More About Brochures and Printed Advertising Materials

Contrary to what you might believe from the social media and internet marketing spheres, face to face sales and direct mail are not dead. They are tools available to those marketers who can create attractive, compelling print collateral.

One area of opportunity for print is any face-to-face situation that places your business in front of a prospect. Let’s say that your sales team attends a conference and has an exhibit table or room to welcome attendees.

Your representatives have only so many seconds to create an impression of your product that will make visitors want to learn more – and well crafted print materials are an integral part of a marketing presentation.

In these kinds of situations, offering a QR code or a URL will usually go over like a “thud.” Real life is immediate and physical – you need physical marketing materials.

You may use a sales person to call, or make visits to prospects. An interested prospect will almost always expect to receive a printed brochure or booklet that describes the service or product in detail.

In either case, you really need printed materials. And those materials must be created specifically for print.

Don’t Print Out Online Content. Just Don’t.

Possibly, you may believe that you can simply print your web site’s content. For the sake of your image – please reconsider this.

Printing out online content is almost always a bad idea that makes you look like you either don’t know what you’re doing, or that you just don’t care very much.

The reason for this is that very different factors go into crafting a message in print than you will find in online copy. The layout will not be up to the same standard as a designed printed piece. The presence of URL links – which will be printed as underlined text – will be a distraction. The web page is designed to be clicked and interacted with, and printing these elements out just looks bad. And it’s very obvious.

A professionally crafted brochure or handout sends a message that you are serious about your business and your image.

Printed Stuff can Send a Message Directly Into Your Prospect’s Brain.

Think about the worst that the online world and the web have to offer: delays and slow sites. Viruses. Sites that trap you in a demanding “answer this question or I will hang here staring at you” dialog box. Videos that take furr-ever to load.

Not with print!

Print can have an instantaneous impact. Picking up and skimming a brochure is often easier than visiting a web site. It’s also much faster.

A well crafted headline on a brochure can be like a rifle shot – firing your marketing concept into the visitor’s brain.

Printed materials may also help build some initial trust. The privacy-invading and technical aspects of the web – visitor tracking, cookies, incompatible plugins for multimedia, etc. – can all make many users reluctant to view or visit some kinds of online content. In contrast, printed materials offer anonymity and safety to readers.  Visitors can read about your services without you watching them. And they know it.

When you have limited time to make an impression, don’t waste it. I can create the words that will “package up” your organization’s value-added service and make it instantly understandable to visitors.

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