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White Papers

A white paper is a specific type of article that provides educational content about a problem or an issue. The purpose of a white paper is to help the reader make a decision or to solve a problem.

White Papers Sell … Without Selling.

Originally, white papers were guides or reports produced in the governmental policy, academic and technical fields.

Today, technology businesses develop white papers in order to provide factual reasons why their solutions should be considered.

White papers produced by a business elevate the image of the business.

Your white paper will help to cultivate an impression that you truly care about providing accurate, complete information to your customers and visitors. Your next white paper should interest, inform and educate the reader, while also subtly promoting the use of your product to help the reader solve their problem.

I can produce your next white paper by combining facts from external resources with information that positions your product as a key solution. Your prospects and customers will truly appreciate this kind of marketing, because it is based upon facts and it encourages them to make up their own minds.

Why Would You Create a White Paper?

A white paper helps your marketing effort when any of the following factors apply to your product or service:

  • Newness: the technology, approach or class of solution is new and little-understood.
  • High Cost: the product or solution that you provide is relatively expensive.
  • Disruptive: your solution or product is a “game changer” and you need to educate your customer base.

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