Marketing, Business and Sales Writing, and Web Design for Software Tech and B2B Businesses.

Writing Services for Professional Marketers

You need to receive reliable, engaging, grammatically correct marketing communications for your technology and B2B products and services. I provide writing services that deliver these benefits.

Bypass hiring freezes and lack of personnel  by purchasing just the service that your department needs right now. 

What Types of Material Can You Get?

Examples of services I provide to clients:

  • Small custom writing projects such as marketing emails, sales letters, marketing teasers, RFP responses.
  • Product Descriptions.
  • Programmer and Developer Tool Promotions.
  • Web Writing: copy for your web site
  • Press Releases Written.
  • Printed Brochures Written.
  • Case Studies.
  • White Papers.
  • Product Demo Videos Scripted.

Why Hire Me for Your Project?

  • Experienced in Copywriting as well as Business and Technology. 30+ years of combined technology, programming and engineering background. Two decades of independent contractor experience. Seven years (and counting) of business writing experience. Many testimonials and samples.
  • I have both Fortune 500 and small business experience.  Small business is a significant consumer of B2B and technology products and services.  I understand both worlds: the priorities and strengths of the enterprise – as well as the constrained budgets and time frames of the typical small – to – medium sized business (SMB) customer.
  • I have an applied technology background. Most business writers don’t.  I have a platform of knowledge about IT products as viewed from the inside of developer organizations, and of businesses that use IT products. How? I was a contract software developer for small independent software vendors (ISVs) for over 20 years… working for many software vendors, usually with the owners and management to build, test and deploy new products.
  • Fairly Priced, Responsive, Easy to Get Started, and Easy to Work With.
  • Pricing by the Project: Fixed prices for almost all work mean that you can budget for writing projects.
  • No Runaway Projects – You’re in the driver’s seat at all times.
  • Extremely Effective in Remote Projects: I have had clients from around the world. China, Russia, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria, India – as well as coast to coast in the US. My communications skills and experience will support your project to successful completion – no matter where you are.
  • Easy to Onboard me as a Vendor: I have been incorporated since 2001. No need to issue 1099 statements.
  • For Clients Outside the US: I carry certificates of tax residency and company papers available on request, for foreign tax situations.

Please Contact Me.

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