Marketing, Business and Sales Writing, and Web Design for Software Tech and B2B Businesses.

Copywriting Services for Small and Medium Sized Businesses: Startups, ISVs, and B2B Vendors

I provide writing services that are exactly what you need to launch your business. Or to improve your marketing for better sales.

Businesses That Can Use This Service

If any of these descriptions fits your business:

  • Technology or Business Startup
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV or micro-ISV)
  • B2B Service or Product Vendor

… then you’re at the right place.

Types of Written Material Provided

Examples of services I provide to my clients:

  • Web Writing: copy for your web site
  • Press Releases Written
  • Blog Articles Written
  • Sales Letters Written
  • Printed Brochures Written
  • Web Sites Developed or Redeveloped- with content written by a technologist who writes
  • Product Demo Videos Scripted

Why Hire Me for Your Project?

  • I can help with your marketing strategy. I can help you prioritize, plan projects and allocate limited marketing funds.  Together we can strategize for the most effective use of limited resources … to support your sales.
  • With respect, I’ll be better at writing your marketing materials than you will be. You’ve channeled your passion into your product and your business. But that closeness to your product  may compromise your ability to tell your story. Most owner-operators of small businesses inadvertently wind up writing about themselves or the business. I can help your business – by writing marketing copy that keeps the focus on how you help your prospects.  This results in improved sales.
  • I write to sell. Your entire purpose in launching or running your business is to create revenues. This only happens through sales. I learn how you help your customers – and then I develop messages that influence your prospects to act.
  • I really do get your lean entrepreneurial world.  Even with big ideas and the best technical implementation, you have limited funds to make a difference for your business. I can help stretch your budget in the most effective way.
  • I have an applied technology background. Most business writers don’t.  I have a platform of knowledge about IT products as viewed from the inside of developer organizations, and of businesses that use IT products. How? I was a contract software developer for small independent software vendors (ISVs) for over 20 years… working for many software vendors, usually with the owners and management to build, test and deploy new products.
  • Fairly Priced, Responsive, Easy to Get Started, and Easy to Work With.  No formalities necessary to get started. Every writing project I take on starts with a simple client inquiry, sometimes just a one sentence question.
  • Pricing by the Project: Know What You’ll Pay – Up Front.
  • No Runaway Projects – You’re in the Driver’s Seat at All Times.
  • Highly Experienced in Remote Projects: I have had clients from around the world. China, Russia, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria, India – as well as coast to coast in the US. My communications skills and experience will support your project to completion – no matter where you are.
  • Deal with an established vendor and no 1099 hassles: I have been incorporated since 2001.
  • For Clients Outside the US: I carry certificates of tax residency and company papers available on request for foreign tax situations.

Ask Away.

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